Feb 22, 2013

Zanzibar 2008/09 Home Kit

Front & back view

Crest of the Zanzibar FA.

 Text on the back of the left shoulder.

Coolest leopard print in years.

A classic.

Aarhus FC and Hummel on April Fool's Day.

-First official match: March 1961
-Honours: 1 CECAFA Cup (Rwanda 2005)

-Highest Elo ranking: 117 (August 2011)
-Lowest Elo ranking: 171 (November 1992)
-Non-FIFA team 

-Read more on Wikipedia and on their official site

I've been a bit busy with exams so I haven't posted anything in the last few weeks. During this time I've bought a China shirt to Brad, who has been selling part of his collection through eBay.
But I return with this incredible Zanzibar shirt, the coolest one I have in the collection. Not the most beautiful, but the coolest shirt. When I wore it for the first time, my teammates asked me where did I buy that drag queen costume. A shirt from Zanzibar, full of leopard print, made by Hummel and which costs a few pounds on Lovell Soccer. What else can you ask for?

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