Dec 26, 2012

England 2010/12 Home Kit

Front view

Back view

The Three Lions crest

This is the original pattern located at the top of the back.

Wayne Rooney and Bulgaria's Iliyan Stoyanov battle for the ball.

-First official match: 30 November 1872 
-Honours: 1 FIFA World Cup (England 1966)
-Highest FIFA Ranking: 3rd (August 2012)
-Lowest FIFA Ranking: 27th (February 1996)
-Highest Elo Rating: 1st (
1872–1876, 1892–1911, 1966–1970, 1987–1988)
-Lowest Elo Rating: 13th (
-Top scorer: Bobby Charlton (1958-1970) - 49 goals

I bought this shirt two years ago in a Sports Direct in Brighton, England. I still don't know why it cost only £12. I love the tailored by Umbro style (I really regret the imminent Umbro's disappearance) and the classy shirts like this one. It's a shame the contract that England has signed with Nike, which I think won't benefit the Three Lions.
It's late to wish you Merry Christmas, so I'm going to wish you a happy New Year just in case.
Instead of Santa Claus, here in Spain the Three Wise Men or tres Reyes Magos bring presents on the 6th of January, and my birthday is on the 4th of January, so I'm expecting a pair of new shirts for the collection...

Dec 23, 2012

Spain 2010 Home Kit

Front view

Back view


Oh, poor De Jong. He looks scared :(

-First official match: 28 August 1920
-Honours: 1 FIFA World Cup (South Africa 2010); 3 UEFA European Championship (Spain 1964, Austria-Switzerland 2008, Poland-Ukraine 2012).
-Highest FIFA Ranking: 1st (
July 2008–June 2009, October 2009–March 2010, July 2010–July 2011, October 2011–present)
-Lowest FIFA Ranking: 25th (March 1998)
-Highest Elo Rating: 1st (Sept 1920–May 1924, Sept–Dec 1925, June 2002, June 2008–June 2009, July 2010–present)
-Lowest Elo Rating: 20th (
June 1969, June 1981, November 1991)
-Top scorer: David Villa (2005-present) - 53 goals

It's compulsory to have this in your collection. I remember I decided to buy the shirt when Spain beat Poland 6-0 in a friendly match before 2010 World Cup. After Spain was proclaimed champion, I didn't want to put the star above the crest because I wanted to preserve the shirt as it was before and during the tournament. And I have to say that I don't really like the design and the colours of the shirt, which is really strange between the shirts of the blog.

Real Madrid 2006/07 Home Kit

Front view

Back view

FIFA Award Best Club XX Century Badge

Team of big contrasts between the players' quality

-Founded: 6 March 1902
-9 European Cups (Last one: 2002); 32 Spanish Leagues (Last one: 2012)
-Biggest rival: FC Barcelona

-The club is the richest football club in terms of annual revenue, generating €479.5million in 2011 and the second most valuable, worth €1.8billion.

One of the first shirts I had. You can notice this collar is the one of the kid's shirt, because it has a different shape from the original one. I've been remembering the good old days when I've seen the team photo with Van Nistelrooy, Beckham, Míchel Salgado, Raúl and Roberto Carlos. That team was very different than the one these days.

I do think Mourinho is between the three best coaches in the world. However, he isn't doing anything but harming Real Madrid, and in my opinion this season should be his last opportunity to show he can win something important.

Cardiff City FC 2005/06 Away Kit

Front view

Back view
Flag of Wales on the back.

-Founded: 1899
-1 FA Cup (1927); 22 Welsh Cups (Last one: 1993)
-Biggest rivals: Newport County and Swansea City
-In 2012, Cardiff City were rebranded by the club's Malaysian owners, Vincent Tan and Chan Tien Ghee. This included the change of the club's home colours and crest although their nickname, the Bluebirds, remained. The majority of the fans were against the changes but it has been lightly accepted.

Sometimes I'm bored at home and I'm craving new shirts for the collection. This one is a clear example of that: I saw this cheap unworn shirt, small size. I had some money saved, so I decided to buy it. 
The recent rebranding of the club adds the shirt more interest, althought it isn't the home kit. It's one of the oldest shirts I have in the collection, but not one of the most beautiful.

Dec 20, 2012

NY Red Bulls 2011/12 Away Kit

Front view

Back view

Thierry Henry during a friendly match against Arsenal.

RB's name is associated with extreme sports (and not so extreme ones).

-Founded: 1995 (Sold to Red Bull on March 9, 2006)
-They are the only original MLS franchise not to have won any significant trophy
-Biggest rival: DC United
-It is one of the ten charter clubs of MLS, having competed in the league since its inception. The team was originally known as the New York/New Jersey MetroStars through 1997. From the 1998 season through the 2005 season, the team was known as the MetroStars. On March 9, 2006, the team was sold to Red Bull GmbH, leading to the team's current name.

Football jerseys in the MLS are part of another world. Adidas templates are launched there and months later they are brought to Europe. Every MLS team has its personalized shirt, not just a coloured template. And before I had this shirt, I didn't imagine a sponsor of that size could seem so cool. I hope that soccer keeps growing in America.

Dec 1, 2012

Real Madrid 2011/12 Home Kit

Front view

Back view

Detail of the 3D crest.

Epic moment, Ronaldo asking for relax at the Nou Camp.

-Founded: 6 March 1902
-9 European Cups (Last one: 2002); 32 Spanish Leagues (Last one: 2012)
-Biggest rival: FC Barcelona
-It is one of three clubs to have never been relegated from the top flight of Spanish football, along with Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona.

I think it's one of the best shirts Real Madrid has had in a few years. Real Madrid has also won its last league with this shirt, and the fans have lived moments like the victory against Barcelona.

This shirt is quite 'mainstream', but I like to put it on when I'm watching an important match on TV. Or through a streaming on the Internet hahahaha.
I hope more shirts are coming for Christmas (it's supposed to be a surprise).