Dec 26, 2012

England 2010/12 Home Kit

Front view

Back view

The Three Lions crest

This is the original pattern located at the top of the back.

Wayne Rooney and Bulgaria's Iliyan Stoyanov battle for the ball.

-First official match: 30 November 1872 
-Honours: 1 FIFA World Cup (England 1966)
-Highest FIFA Ranking: 3rd (August 2012)
-Lowest FIFA Ranking: 27th (February 1996)
-Highest Elo Rating: 1st (
1872–1876, 1892–1911, 1966–1970, 1987–1988)
-Lowest Elo Rating: 13th (
-Top scorer: Bobby Charlton (1958-1970) - 49 goals

I bought this shirt two years ago in a Sports Direct in Brighton, England. I still don't know why it cost only £12. I love the tailored by Umbro style (I really regret the imminent Umbro's disappearance) and the classy shirts like this one. It's a shame the contract that England has signed with Nike, which I think won't benefit the Three Lions.
It's late to wish you Merry Christmas, so I'm going to wish you a happy New Year just in case.
Instead of Santa Claus, here in Spain the Three Wise Men or tres Reyes Magos bring presents on the 6th of January, and my birthday is on the 4th of January, so I'm expecting a pair of new shirts for the collection...

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