Jan 14, 2014

L.A. Firpo 2012/13 Home Kit

Front view

Back view

Isn't it a tipically Central-South American crest?

Former captain Dennis Alas giving an interview after a match.

Carlos E. Ayala during a match against Isidro Metapán.

-Founded: 21 September 1923
-Honours: 10 Salvadoran leagues (Last one: Clausura 2013)
-Biggest rival: CD FAS, CD Águila, Alianza FC 
-About: Firpo plays most of its home games at Estadio Sergio Torres Rivera, better known throughout Central America as the Devil's Cauldron. Located in Usulután, it's an exception among Salvadoran clubs: Firpo is the only team in the First Division which plays in its own stadium.

I was in a Joma official store in Madrid and then I saw this. Two completely plain football shirts with a crest on them which I hadn't seen in my life. What a great surprise when I discovered it was a club from Usulután, El Salvador. The shirts were on sale, so I bought both of them. I would have prefered the jerseys with all those sponsors on them (they make a shirt seem more 'authentic'), but anyway that made my day.
I also investigated about its price on eBay and on the CONCACAF official shop and it exceeded 50€, so I'm selling one (I fair play, only for 40€).
I will definitely visit more often that Joma store.

-Season: 2012/13
-Brand: Joma 
-Special features: replica version features (embroidered Joma logo and club crest).
-Where to buy it: my eBay profile (cheapest site, trust me)
-Approximate price: $55 / €40 / £33

Jan 11, 2014

France 2013/15 Home Kit

Front view

Back view

New retro embroidered crest

'Provoque le destin' campaign to launch the new shirt.

-First official match: 1 May 1904
-Honours: 1 FIFA World Cup (France 1998); 2 UEFA European Championship (France 1984, Belgium-Netherlands 2000).
-Highest FIFA Ranking: 1st (May 2001-May 2002)
-Lowest FIFA Ranking: 27th (September 2010)
-Highest Elo Rating: 1st (most recently: July 2007)
-Lowest Elo Rating: 44th (May 1928, February 1930)
-Top scorer: Thierry Henry (1992-present) - 51 goals

Well... six months later (maybe more?) I've beaten the laziness that kept me away from updating the blog. Luckily I've had no laziness to buy new shirts, some of which are really rare and beautiful.

Anyway, sorry to whoever that often read me.
The Three Wise Men have been really generous, I received some presents for my birthday, too; even Santa Claus came to my house this year. This France shirt I got for my birthday has undoubtly become one of my favourites; after the mess FIFA and Adidas are causing with its all-one-colour kits, it seems like Nike won't respect this regulations. Thanks Nike.
On the other hand, I should say that I want to become Nike designer one day. Sticking a new crest and changing the colour of the collar (see France 2011/12) might not be a hard task.

-Season: 2013/15 
-Brand: Nike 
-Special features: replica version features (Dri-FIT fabric, embroidered Swoosh and club crest). 
-Where to buy it: Weston Corporation (replica) Lovell Soccer (player issue) 
-Approximate price: $72 / €53 / £44 (replica) $130 / €100 / £80 (player issue)

Jul 15, 2013

Santos 2012/13 Home Kit - Player Issue

Front view

Back view

Santos crest and an inscription relating to the club's centenary.

Caption inside the collar.

This 'T' only features in the player issue version.

Nike's laser-cut ventilation holes.

Neymar Jr. wearing the shirt during the past season.

-Founded: 14 April 1912 
-Honours: 3 Copa Libertadores (Last one: 2011); 3 Brasilerão (Last one: 2004) 
-Biggest rival: São Paulo 
-About: The first colors chosen for the new club were white, azure blue and golden lemon. But the difficulty to fabricate the colors on the uniform during those times forced a board meeting a year after the club's foundation. The president of Santos based the club on the new colours, white and black.

Despite I'm a Real Madrid supporter, I must say that I've been looking forward to get this shirt more than any other one in the collection.

When my Brazilian mate Henrique asked me for a Málaga shirt, I thought he could be able to get me the Santos third kit with Neymar #11 printing, but then he told me that the player issue home shirt was on sale, so I took the second option.
The only downside was that while the shirt was on the way, Barça signed Neymar. I didn't really want him for Real, but neither for Barcelona.
And thanks a million to Henrique (whose collection you can see here), who helped me to get this incredible shirt!

-Season: 2012/13
-Brand: Nike
-Special features: Player Issue version features (laser-cut side perforations, Dri-FIT fabric, heat-transfered Swoosh and club crest...) and Neymar Jr. #11 official printing.
-Where to buy it: Netshoes
-Approximate price: $53 / €40 / £35