Mar 22, 2013

China 2008/10 Away Kit

Front view

Back view

Chinese flag and Chinese Wall pattern detail.

Chinese words at the back. I don't really know what does it mean.

Chinese player Gào Lín during a match against South Korea.

-First official match: 4 August 1952
-Honours: 2 East Asian Football Championships (South Korea 2005, Japan 2010).
-Highest FIFA Ranking: 37th (December 1998)
-Lowest FIFA Ranking: 109th (March 2013)
-Highest Elo Rating: 26th (October 2001)
-Lowest Elo Rating: 80th (December 2008)
-Top scorer: Hǎo Hǎidōng (1992-2004) - 53 goals

Well, after some many busy weeks I've found a moment to post new shirts again. This one comes from Brad (whose collection you can view here), who was selling some of his shirts. I could get this one just for £10, quite a good price for a China shirt.
It's a decent one, althought China shirts have been improving in the past few years. Adidas didn't work a lot on this.

I'll try to keep posting my latest purchases: Nigeria (ACN Champions!), Milan and a Santos player issue shirt.

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