Jan 27, 2013

Ivory Coast 2010/11 Home Kit - Limited Edition

Front view
Back view
Details of the shirt and the box.
This is the main problem. Yes, Cameroon.
There's a guy hidden in there.

-First official match: 13 April 1960 
-Honours: 1 Africa Cup of Nations (Senegal 1992)
-Highest FIFA Ranking: 14th (June 2011, December 2012)
-Lowest FIFA Ranking: 75th (March 2004)
-Highest Elo Rating: 12th (February 2008)
-Lowest Elo Rating: 69th (October 1996) 
-Top scorer: Didier Drogba (2002-present) - 59 goals

You can't say I'm being lucky with the last shirts I ordered. After Zamalek's, I bought a limited edition Cameroon shirt from Classic Football Shirts. I was really looking forward to get the shirt, as it would be my first player issue shirt. But when I opened the wooden box with a plate which said "Cameroon Authentic Home Shirt", I was really surprised to see that Ivory Coast shirt into it (which is very tight-fitted).
I decided to contact them to exchage the shirt. Greg, from CFS, apologized and told me to keep this one as a gift, because he was going to send me the correct one for the same price.
So, thanks to Greg, now I have 2 shirts for the price of 1, both limited edition and player issue :)

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