Jan 13, 2013

UCL Adidas Finale 4 - Signed by Real Madrid's squad

Front view
View of both footballs
Signatures: Ronaldo, Zidane, Casillas, Roberto Carlos, Raúl and Beckham

This is one of that things which you remember you have, but not where. Mine was hidden in a basket full of toys (the other one, my brother's, was on a flowerpot in my terrace and some of the signatures have almost disappeared. You can see how the one in the right is a bit faded due to the sunlight), but despite that it's in good condition.
Today I remembered that my uncle brought us a pair of these signed footballs, as he knew someone in Real Madrid's coaching staff, so I cleaned and inflated them.
The ball is from the 2004/05 season but it's signed by Real Madrid's squad in 2005/06 season.

They are signed by:
1. Iker Casillas
2. Míchel Salgado
3. Roberto Carlos
4. Sergio Ramos
5. Zinedine Zidane
6. Iván Helguera
7. Raúl
8. Julio Baptista
9. Ronaldo
10. Robinho
12. Pablo García
13. Diego López
14. Guti
15. Raúl Bravo
16. Thomas Gravesen
18. Jonathan Woodgate
21. Diogo
22. Francisco Pavón
23. David Beckham
24. Álvaro Mejía

By the way, just purchased a limited edition Cameroon shirt for the World Cup 2010 from Classic Football Shirts. I'll post it soon!

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