Nov 23, 2012

PSG 2009/2010 Home Kit

Front view

Back view

"Here is Paris", detail of the shirt.
Come on Erdinç, you can seem more enthusiastic.

The squad for the year the shirt was worn.

-Founded: 1970
-2 French Leagues (Last one: 1994)
-Biggest rival: Olympique de Marseille
-The Kop of Boulogne is a stand in the Parc des Princes which mainly housed the Boulogne Boys, a supporters group associated with the club. It is known as the "most notorious stand in French football" due to its links with violence and far-right political groups. The KoB became synonymous in French public opinion with not only football hooliganism, but racism and fascism since the 80's and continues to be associated with violent elements within the PSG support due to a number of high profile incidents.

This was one of my first shirts, and I think it's one of the coolest PSG has had in the last years. It's the smallest shirt I have in the collection (apart from being XXXS sized, it's supposed to be very tight) so I can't really wear it. In fact I have this shirt twice,
I'm realizing I should comment something else about the shirts apart from "it's cool" or "it's beautiful". These texts lack originality.

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