Nov 18, 2012

Inter Milan 2011/12 Home Kit (FAKE)

Front view

Back view
Cambiasso and Zanetti wearing the shirt.

Actually Boateng plays for their biggest rival.

-Founded: 1908
-3 European Cups (Last one: 2010); 18 Italian Leagues (Last one: 2010)
-Biggest rivals: AC Milan and Juventus

-In 1928, Inter's name and philosophy made the ruling Fascist Party uneasy. As a result, during the same year the 20-year-old club was merged with Unione Sportiva Milanese. The new club was named Società Sportiva Ambrosiana. The flag of Milan (the red cross on white background) replaced the traditional black and blue.

Obviously I absolutely disappoint with the fake shirts trading, but it was funny to find this proof of the proficiency of some forgers. Just imagine a Barça shirt with Ronaldo at the back or a Liverpool shirt with the name of Scholes.

The shirt has also more mistakes, it hasn't got the Ambrosiana flag into the collar, and the Serie A patch and the fabric are so sham.

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